Hiya, all people caring for love and life on Earth, welcome to the store. I am so excited to present these magnificent gems!

It’s all hands on deck time to empower the Change Generation. Here are fine magic wands, forged with pure wildfire spirit of humanity’s young heroInes for everyone to wield. 

Each connects to dozens of online videos, music, heroInes’ streams, action guides, live meetings – to take action, in real-time with today’s heroInes, and join the beautiful world of youth leadership, 

What if all kids grow up with heroInes from early age, instead of best paid models, comedians and marketeers? What if also your friends, colleagues, boss and customers saw them daily – with countless opportunities to support today’s heroInes?


of human behavior is shaped by role models, subconsciously. It also works via media.

New Kids On The Planet

What if young people today grew up with the stories of true heroInes instead of models, comedians and marketeers.

NEW KIDS ON THE PLANET tells the stories of 55 outstanding teenage hero/ines, changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at record pace and scale!

Stories come to life with powerful authentic images, links to hours of films and music, interviews, latest news, and ample opportunity to connect with one’s favorite heroInes, even meeting them ‘live’ in the grand adventure of our time – Change Generation Rising!

Fantastic bed-, couch- and traveltime reading. Expect surprise and inspired conversations as your kid will tell you of heroInes beyond your imagination, and announce that s/he’s getting involved.

PRICE 20 €

Peek inside and find out more on XL-Size, e-book, buy 2+1 Gift, buy in bulk, and funding additional language translations.


The 52 Week Desk Calendar


52 weeks with heroInes and the essentials of Youth Leadership, UN Theme Days, and QR codes linking to dozens of amazing  video clips, music and profiles with more.

PRICE 20 €

The Cardgame


A toy, a multimedia book and pocket companion, gameful learning, great gift for kids, also for class, recess, a sturdy teaching tool, in subject and foreign language learning, also for adults. Note: Cards come as quality printed sheets to cut out.

PRICE 10 €

We need YOUTH-LEADER at all our schools

Emma Mogus

Books With No Bounds, World's Children's Prize Ambassador

A must for every kid on the planet.

Kjell Kühne

LINGO, Plant-For-The-Planet

Thank you for doing this for our children

Chrissie Fire Mane

The MANA Movement


Pacha's Pajamas

By Aaron Ableman & Dave Room

When Pacha puts on her magic pajamas, she meets animals in her dreams, learns about their struggles, how we are all connected, and about her role to help them, people and planet. Must-have for kids today! Bring the story and characters to life with 70 virtual reality illustrations on your smartphone! Magical! Fascinating bed- and couchtime reading for kids, parents, friends, at school.

PRICE 12,95 €

Pacha's Pajamas Digital Bundle

By Aaron Ableman & Dave Room

The amazing children’s musical feat. famous artists and young activists in a mesmerizing eco- adventure of stunning wordplay and memorable songs. 

Not sure about kids musicals? Too naive? Not this one! This one is created by changemakers and Hip Hop artists with all their love and wit. Pure magic, to loop 100 x, incredible warm wise positivity, making every heart smile.

Digital book + digital Musical

PRICE 15 €

Parenting For A Peaceful World

By Robin Grille

Robin’s incredible work on how children have been treated through history in different societies all over Earth, and how it creates violence, cruelty, racism, war, or peace, collaboration, democracy and sustainability. Oh what abominable past we come from (really, we all should know!) and what amazing strides we have made since 1945, less by education but by non-violence in the home! It’s both a  strong wake-up call and eye-opener about populations still running on outdated, horrible, violent operating systems, and a super strong message of hope for our future. Must-have!

PRICE 10 €


By Lulu Cerone

Put the FUN into fundraising with Lulu’s epic guide to re-thinking daily life, and creating parties with a purpose for our favorite causes, adding meaning to b’days, Labour days, Superbowls, sleep-overs, recess at student clubs stands at school and farmers markets. This is a powerful toolkit for parents and kids to multiply fundraising fun, reach, impact and media presence.

Get it here

The Power Of A Plant

By Stephen Ritz

Living teacher legend Stephen Ritz tells his tale of the Green Bronx Machine, how his students thrive in school and in life in one of the poorest communities, by growing, cooking, eating, and sharing the bounty of their green classroom. His innovative program began by accident, improved attendance from 50 to 93%, moved the graduation rate from 17% to 100%, evolved into a curriculum, into halls, yards, roofs and to thousands of other schools.

Get it here

Reality Is Broken & SUPERBETTER

By Jane McGonigal

“Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World” & “A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient” Comprehend amazing stuff about games that you only felt or foolishly stigmatized. Learn how to use games for positive change, be healthy and augment your life, with miraculous results.

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Here’s exciting stuff coming up. Sign up for updates. Do you wish to see the spirit of youth leadership thrive in your community? Get our seed- & toolpacks below.

Coloring & Activity Book

For the kids. A unique initiation to the inner alchemy of heroInes, and awakening one’s own.

Student Planner

For a year of action. Pure epic.

Thank you for helping me realize my dream

Babar Ali

The House of joyful Learning

Honored to be featured twice in this powerful book. Our teacher wants it for students to choose volunteering projects

Alicia & Anabelle Serratos

Play Well Jewelry

Thank you for helping us protect India’s girls and women

Usha Vishwakarma

Red Brigade Lucknow

School Pack

Selected books, tools, partners for introducing youth leadership at school, with guides and skype session tickets – 200€

Library Package

Selected books, music/al, ours’ and friends’, to start a youth leadership section, with guides, flyers, posters for staff to inform and guide teachers and parents – 200€

Poster Exhibit


HeroInes & Youth Leadeship Essentials Exhibit to inspire and involve your community at school, work, in public; double page, take action guides on back, QR codes for multimedia, explorer guide for kids

A5 micro exhibit 30€
A3 L size 40€
A2 XL 70€

Big Fat YL Volunteer Pack


Mobilize your city for youth leadership. Flyers, Presentation Pack, Poster Exhibit, Workshop Pack, FUNdraising Magic, Media Monster, Stickers, Cardgame, Book, Guides, Mug and more – 150€

The most energized lesson of my career. Even the quiet students had something to say.

The exhibit was the best thing at the school project day. All students and teachers agree.

Then follows action. Inspired readers have lots of tools and support to turn their newly found passion into action. 

  • support fav’ heroInes & causes
  • inspire friends, family, school
  • form a team, rock hard, with us and heroInes!
  • book speakers, start campaigns, join summer camps

It begins with inspiration – through hero stories!

The epitome of Youth Leadership

Ken Jones

A-Team For Wildlife

A blessing for children and parents

Robin Grille

Author, Parenting for a Peaceful World

Honored to be featured twice in this powerful book. Our teacher wants it for students to choose volunteering projects

Alicia & Anabelle Serratos

Play Well Jewelry


of teachers feel more professionally fulfilled (WE Schools program)


discover leadership skills in their students


of students experience higher self-confidence


of students take action on favorite causes


Thank you for helping us protect India’s girls and women

Usha Vishwakarma

Red Brigade Lucknow

Thank you for helping me realize my dream

Babar Ali

The House of joyful Learning

Your kind of thinking is very rare

Polly Higgins

Earth Lawyer, Mission Lifeforce, Ecocide Is A Crime Campaign