Her student club set records at state level with putting solar panels on their schools and reusable bag campaigns

At college, she launched Divest Harvard, getting on the NY Times frontpage, asking the iconic institution to divest its $30 billion riches from dirty fossil fuels “destroying everything we love” and “to be on the right side of history”, as their institution corrupts the very ideals and teachings to their students, “whose generation will be judged by history by its commitment to mitigating climate change”. “Human as usual” no longer works. These memes are of Chloe’s design for changing the industry’s public image, and empower the honorable people in the political arena to evoke shifts from fossils to renewables.

Now, as she graduated, she is writing a book about strategies for a new political movement, – and launching a new movement herself. It’s first buds, memes and visual impressions will flow live into the book – and readers can switch to her campaign diary on social media for latest news, follow this avantgarde movement, learn from it and contribute.

And you also, as member of the Boost Club. On the tidal wave of history with another Gandhi of today.