Emma MC’s the World’s Children’s Prize for the third and final time this year. We know Emma from early on her quest for bringing peace, joy and opportunity to First Nations kids of her country and have seen her grow a candy kabob stand into a movement building bridges across historic divides, serving 150,000 good books, building libraries, scoring presence in morning and evening news, schools across the state, WE Day, even commercials.

Emma has discovered abominable injustices, suffering and – right now – a suicide epidemic among early teens they have got to know and love. She does what kids and teens do – innocently asks for her peers to have the same support for their schools.

Emma is determined to help her young generation thrive. We stand by her with enthusiasm and we suggest you do it, too.*

* But the government¬†stays by their racist practice.¬†People say she was shaming her country – while actually she is helping her country clean its centuries of shame!! The world likes to blame countries far away for child labour, mistreating women, … easy … Emma is one of the rare gems uncovering the skeletons in industrial nations.

We wish that you have the backbone to help her…