Can you imagine the effort of establishing a waste recycling awareness, collection and recycling program in backcountry regions where there is none? Everybody said it was impossible, people would never care – but this young artist loves his country so much he launched a social business.

At record speed, Tshering has mobilized the villages of his region, gained government support, been appointed official director with the power to design regulations and impose fines, and gets ready for the next phase : involving schools, youth teams to found local chapters and YL is fully involved!

Evergreen Bhutan is destined to make considerable changes. Tshering plans to present at 40 schools, and then scale his model to all regions of Bhutan. Our support for Tshering is 4-fold:

  • creating a good website
  • seeding YL media throughout the region
  • financing a bigger truck ($20,000€) for boosting his transport efficiency, profit margin and adding a transport business from India to Bhutan (on the return-trip of delivering collected waste to an Indian recycling station)
  • building international school partnerships, supporting teachers working on education for sustainable development with a REAL LIFE partner addressing development / basic needs / recycling / cultural and natural heritage / scial entrepreneurship / Gross National Happiness Education … using Tshering’s story, Live On Skype meetings, seeing impact unfold on social media as well …

Be part of making this fantastic return gift to the people of a country that keeps inspiring us with its responsible governance model – and that good people can indeed also create a good country!