… in the hands of students, teachers, parents, volunteers, organizations …

Our media are meant to inspire, equip and empower readers to take action, especially at SCHOOL, because this is where our young generation gathers daily for their 10 forming years. It is the ONLY place for their generation to at relevant scale learn, agree on the world they wish, practice and take action. It is ultra-powerful and THE game changer for humanity. IF we make it present at schools. It’s easy.

View the science WHY hero role models make all the difference.

View the EFFECTS  and feedback from youth, teachers and adults from Poland to India, Argentina to Korea.


for a range of role models, stories, a deep experience


for presence in staff- and classrooms, a year-round learning journey


for exhibits, presentations, workshops, student-powered projects, reaching the entire school community


for the little ones, playful, creative learning and unfolding the superpowers of the arts, music and theatre for inspiring youth, audiences, making headlines and boosting campaigns

Teachers use our media

  • to establish presence of youth leadership, active citizenship and solutions in class
  • to being global issues to life with teen heros, adult heros, solutions
  • to upgrade their toolset with powerful, authentic videos, stories, visuals, “live” elements online
  • to add practical activities, inspired by heroines’ examples, making a relevant impact
  • aligned with UNITED NATIONS Days through the year, for greater meaning and impact

We work LIVE with you

  • through skype
  • as speakers
  • with field partners and long-term projects
  • with your feedback, tuned to your school and aims

Here’s an impression

of what’s happening at 12,000 schools inspired by her role models and action opportunities.

Our focus is to EMPOWER STUDENTS

  • to found student clubs
  • to self-organize activities
  • to present across subjects, classes, grades and schools
  • to make an impact and headlines, really changing the world
  • to collaborate with TEACHERS, contribute to subjects and projects
  • to act as mentor for their peers

This means that

  • adults only need to introduce the topic, for example with a PRESENTATION KIT & WORKSHOP PACK
  • teachers need not carry this alone; you have enough to do
  • activities reach beyond the school fence and school time
  • inspired students can make changemaking “their sport”


IT BEGINS with making the stories and ROLE MODELS available

  • giving space to students’ and teachers’ inspiration
  • open conversations
  • get started with activities for heroInes
  • evolve own ideas and activities
  • and share them with us

You will discover step by step what else is possible.

CALENDARS are your perfect trainer, making youth leadership part of daily life, opening doors to discover more and get involved.

Flip through pages 36 to 49 to view elements to weave into SCHOOL DAYS.