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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller

“Young people today are ready and willing to make the world a better place. They only need some guidance on what works. This is what we provide.” Craig Kielburger

“This should be in all schools.”

Let’s Work as a Team

Each of the following is carefully selected for its instant high value, multiple follow-up impacts and uplifting perks for you.

Comments & Priorities

The “Daughters of the Sun” Book is our urgent priority. It’s of global value. Please help.

The Field Partner Funding and Websites are quickly realizable ($400 – 1,000 can be completed by a single person or a quick fundraiser / Philanthro-Party at your workplace or school)

Further YL Publications will be our next priority. Right now, we suggest only investing in them if it make robust steps towards achieving our target.

The Translations unlock entire countries and regions, making “This Young Generation” and “Poster Sets” available for free download and sharing on social media, newsletters, as teaching tools and for print order.

The Projects are awesome, but require larger sums. We’ll launch them when we have a bigger community. If you have larger amounts available, let us know, and we’ll activate them earlier than we expected.

Why we work independent of funds and sponsors

Instant big funding can be convenient, but there are significant drawbacks, some of which may be new to you

  1. precise expectations, straight jackets (we are too innovative, dynamic, evolving organically for this)
  2. small topic, time, regional focus (we are holistic, global and long-term)
  3. people checking applications are not qualified to detect truly genius innovations (geniuses do not sit in such offices, you know, they are in the field, in action)
  4. accountability (ok for tax sponsored gvt funds, but you need a full-time employee to keep track of every penny or you lose it all)
  5. applications can take a year to process, requiring the project to not have started (we won’t wait)
  6. funding comes only for a limited time of 1-4 years and is not renewed (death spell; that’s why many good projects float as dead bodies on the web)
  7. once affiliated with one foundation, others won’t fund you (because of their petty competition)
  8. people associate (wrong and false) ideas with foundations and business, from ego to conspiracy, in any case distorting our image and causing mis-understanding of how awesome, free and new YL truly is.
  9. A celebrity can be centre of a scandal tomorrow.

Any of this would dilute and pollute our high end spirit, purpose and action.

We stand for the finest on the planet, with unprecedented and incomparable potential for our generation, humanity, people, planet and the course of history. Any dilution or pollution is inacceptable.

Everybody admires YL, Youth Leadership, and hopes for a Change Generation. It will happen when the world WANTS it, when we all do this together, because we the people want it, and we the people do it, we the people wield it, we the people spread it around us, we the people take responsibility for our luminous youth and step into our role as adults.

When people turn their heart’s wish into their priority through action. 

You hold energy. You can make it flow, see the impact, and celebrate.

This time is now. Unleash it.

BOOK : Daughters of the Sun

A world-premiere multimedia book feat. dozens of Girl & Women Changemakers with people-powered solutions for peace and abundance. An initiation to changemaking, a true artefact. Help us get it into the homes, hearts and hands of our girls for $5,000.


Richly illustrated 270 pages, full color, page sized, with short stories, interviews, photo essays, each profile with action guide for getting involved, qr and app-links to their videos, social media streams making the book come to life. With poster set exhibits and teaching tools for mobilizing peers and joining our global community.

$5,000 enable completion, editing, legal matters, review copies for featured changemakers, accompanying website with bonus multi-media.

Field Partners

Tiny amounts “for us in urban nations” empower these 24/7 heroInes to spread proven solutions through their low-income states, improving the lives of tens of thousands. On top, as lead partners in our educational media and programs, we connect them with schools worldaround to unlock long-term financial sustainability. This is the beginning! Chip in or use “Fundraising Magic” to unlock it in a whiffy and get featured on our site!


Joseph and Lonjezo are Plant-For-The-Planet educators delivering practical training on climate change, resilient crops, drop water irrigation, and electric windmills from trash – making them a dream partner for schools worldaround, with exciting Maker activities on “Low Tech for Sustainability” on both sides; to be activated with $/€300 for a good WEBSITE.


We have spent a week with Joseph and Lonji at NightScience Paris, and have explored beautiful avenues of collaboration.

Joseph is at home in the worlds of academia, civil society, of farming, has an own plot of land, and rich international relations. This makes him an excellent ambassador for his country, a witness of frontline climate change, a partner in education and for projects. He has a good sense for good practice projects, in climate change education, community-led sustainable development and youth empowerment.

Malawi is an extraordinary place – rather small, with rich vegetation, stretched along a magnificent lake, peaceful, stable, and English speaking. This makes it perfect for international learning partnerships, fundraising, project development, documentation, skype meetings, event visits.

Recently, Malawi has experienced unexpected change in weather patterns, rain and drought, plunging 50% of the population into poverty and hunger. Fortunately, a year later today, things are once again more stable.

This scenario adds even more sense of purpose, urgency and motivation to a real life story of our time – a story to become part of, and to write beautiful chapters touching real people’s lives.

Can we spread people-powered solutions in rural Malawi at significant scale? Can we even make this small, peaceful nation a model of sustainability? We have a vision of re-dreaming Malawi, that we will follow with schools joining our endeavour.

Right now, we need to put YSD Malawi on the web, with a good, secure website that they can edit themselves.


Indian law requires private schools to grant 25% of spaces to poor kids, tuition-free! But the poor don’t know. Pooja Vishwakarma tells the people. In 2016, she brought 12,000 kids into schools. Finance for a FULL YEAR $1,200, Stretch $2,000 for Media Packs


Pooja is on fire to empower the young generation she loves with environmental and citizenship education, and sees great potential in spreading our media to regional schools. We stretch to add YL Poster Sets, booklets, and ally Pooja’s micro-school with schools around the planet with our Peace Tree Connexion education program.

She is also part of our Field Partner “The Red Brigade Lucknow”, world champion in training girls and women against sexual assault, founded by her sister Usha Vishwakarma. This naturally adds further interesting opportunity to her work with local and international schools.

$1,200 for getting thousands of kids into school, plus exhibits, presentations, mentoring – can it get any better? We’ll enjoy a year-round stream of beautiful photos documenting our impact!

Let’s do it!

WEBSITE : Evergreen Bhutan

We all love Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness policy, 70% forest cover, aim at 100% organic and sustainability. But they need our help for tackling new plastic trash! Administration said it was hopeless, but Tshering – young artist turned social entrepreneur – succeeds in raising awareness, mobilizing youth and adults for collecting trash to transport to far away recycling stations. Recognition is mounting! The next step – also for global collab with schools – requires $/€300 for a good WEBSITE.


Tshering is a fresh, rising star among our Field Partners – vividly documenting his activities, encounters and achievements. His social media stream tells an exciting story of great value for the world, especially in education. Waste reduction, awareness and recycling are a common priority topic in schools, but usually conveyed with a focus on theory and hi-tech, which carries a sense of disempowerment and boredom.

Tshering brings the issue to life … on modern commodities arriving in pristine undeveloped regions, plastic waste, waste as a resource, caretaking for one’s cultural and natural heritage, costs and challenges of establishing a waste management system, citizen-powered stewardship, village-level recycling, meaning and madness of plastic bags, bottles … and opportunity for inventing their own strategies in exchange via Skype with Tshering.

Schools can also boost Tshering’s initiative through fundraisers, used for

  • seeding YL media to schools
  • inspiring youth with a sense of action
  • growing Tshering’s support base

also building Tshering’s position in Bhutan

  • for presenting on his initiative
  • for mentoring inspired youth teams

Right now, we lay the basis of communication, with a proper, secure website, tied into our global program network.

Key YL Translations

Let’s bring our core media to millions more readers in your language – for your part of the world, but also for foreign language learning in schools. Tip : once translated, the booklet, stories and posters become available free for online reading and download, and available for print order.


Our core line-up of 49 HeroInes as beautiful Poster Set, used as teaching tool and Pop-Up Exhibit, equipping users, YL Teams and Field Partners for reaching 1,000’s at school, libraries, events and public space over long time, building community, sparking conversations and action. Unlock it for millions in your country for $1,000, free download, available in print via mail order, part of our Presentation, Action and School Packs. It also enables finance for our programs.


Our acclaimed “This Young Generation” is the perfect introduction to the phenomenon of Youth Leadership, brought to life with the Pacha’s Alive App and QR codes to music, musical, videos and more – evoking worldview change, hope, equipping for action and joining our global movement. 32 and 64 page versions for seeding on newsletters, as well as to schools, public libraries, family cafes and canteens. Unlock it for millions in your country for $1,000, free download, stretch goal $2,500 with website, subtitled videos and more. This enables booklet sales for financing our programs!


The epic – “A must for every kid of today” – a mix of Top Trumps, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Lol, feat. 48 teen heroInes in 12 categories, with short story, QR code to video and their online profiles … making it a book of 48 short stories (perfect for bedtime reading), a magical, robust teaching tool, a pocket companion for sparking conversations… playing it is the best immersion, training and learning experience. Localize for your language for $1,000. An upcoming bestseller financing our programs.


Celebrate what’s coming! If you can unlock any of these right away, get in touch and we’ll kick it off without delay!

Important YL Publications

Further exciting publications, creating new avenues for getting to our youth, shaping positive worldview and boosting changemaking in daily life. We’ll start right after completion of Daughters of the Sun. Stay tuned or surprise us by unlocking one right away!


All students have them, with lukewarm infos and jokes. Imagine 50 weeks, with 50 heroIne stories for current UN Days, linking to multimedia online profiles, videos, instant action and LIVE ON SKYPE meetings! A dream come true for youth (and parents) caring for people and planet to stay inspired, learn on the go, take action, inspire peers and contribute to subjects. $4,000 for the English version, then translations, then next year. A burner for equipping our warriors and generating finance for our programs.

BOOK : Sons of the Earth

Dozens of teen and adult changemakers, re-defining our image of a true man at this special time on Planet Earth, protecting kids, the feminine and creation from pollution, violence and exploitation. Awesome solutions and campaigns to join, scale and replicate, linking to bonus online multi-media videos, music, articles, interviews, action guides, teaching tools … a must for all boys and men, as well as girls and women.. Be part of realizing this epic for $5,000.


Intercultural Tolerance? We develop better – Appreciation – when we see value, beauty, are excited, impressed; then “we protect what we love”. Imagine a Calendar with stunning visuals on dozens of pancake, kite, fire jump, tomato battle, flying men festivals … co-created by our global volunteer community … online, in print, as poster set and teaching tool – bringing to life the fun, cultural and sacred treasure of humanity – with “Tips for Getting Involved” : prayers, recipes, sharing photos, testimonials and celebration online! The ultimate Teaching Tool for $4,000, free download, available for print order.

Let’s bring great things into the world in 2017!