How boost the impact?

In many cases, inspiration in combination with action opportunities, concrete ideas and tools lead to actions by young and adult readers.


  • kids take action
  • form student and after school clubs
  • present to other classes, schools
  • get hundreds involved daily
  • and thousands via media

Adults have a supportive role

  • seeding media in their city
  • using them in class, as teachers
  • using them as journalist
  • supporting inspired youth teams

To make it simple, THIS YOUNG GENERATION shows the major steps, the CRASH COURSE provides deep insights on DIY, YOUTH-LEADER provides the tools, media, tactics, spiced with LIVE services via Skype, constant positive news stream to keep up the inspiration, with many options of creatve involvement including seeing one’s own activities featured, and finally feedback, benefits etc with the CG RISING leadership program for youth age 8-18.

So, really, you are not alone, and there is a lot of smart, innovative but common sense stuff to discover step by step.

Here’s more that users find in our programs.

Do you like what you see?

Here are examples of what adults can do – also in their workplace – to seed in in their region.

You can find out a lot more on

  1. seeding, sparking and supporting youth leadership in your region
  2. boosting young heroInes around the planet
  3. joining our network as a user, volunteer and partner


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