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of 150 angels giving $10 per month, I can operate freely for “everything YOUTH-LEADER”

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Media on Youth Leadership

for various users, settings and purposes – books, calendars, cardgames, coloring books, teaching tools, videos, games, music, even a musical … inspiring readers with youth leadership and humanity’s finest solution-knowledge, in powerful, memorable form

World-Premiere Media

… designed with changemakers’ authentic videos, photos, secrets – richly illustrated, profound interviews, app- and QR code-linked to online videos, action guides, heroInes’ social media streams, with instant action opportunities !


... empowering Readers to Turn into Users

with a wide scope of tools for inspiring their family, peers, schools and communities – using videos, poster sets, exhibits, presentation kits, fundraisers etc online and onsite

... as Part of a Global Community

uplifted with a year-round stream of actions, becoming part of the heroInes adventures(!), contributing with donations, fundraisers, petitions, campaigns, exhibits, presentations, projects and more aligned with their lifestyle, favorite causes and priorities

I can write epic world-premiere books

I am sooo much looking forward to turn my advanced draft into the final product and see it spread to homes and schools around the planet. View what’s coming here. To be followed by likewise on

  • boy and men changemakers
  • youth leadership
  • youth leadership at school
  • grand adult changemakers

along the beauty you see on our website!

Publish in 20 Languages

to spread the youth leadership phenomenon, the heroInes’ stories, their initiatives … across the entire planet

Empower Parents and Citizens

to better live their values and aims for themselves, their children, students, their workplace, communities, at home and abroad

Leadership Program for Youth Age 8-18

enabling them to grow up taking action with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, and evoke world-changing impact like their famous peers

Summer Camps for Teenage Activists

inspired by our media, on fire to unfold their super powers at school and beyond, as well as to develop campaigns solving needs in their home regions

Presentation & Project Development Packs

enabling citizens to act as messengers and mentors for inspired youth, as well as organizations to boost their impact by connecting with youth at school

Tools, Tricks & Support for High Impact Student Clubs

to create omni-presence at school, involve the entire school community and make significant impact

Media for HeroInes & Their Campaigns

enabling them to better reach into schools and public worldaround, and equip readers, members and followers to turn into users, support and replicate their solutions

Support for "HeroIne" Field Partners

to boost their model solutions to national scale, powered by partnering schools and citizens abroad, as well as equipping them with YL media for strengthening their presence in schools, public and media, and their support

Superb Field Partners for Schools

enabling groundbreaking intensity, real world impact, seeing success unfold, meeting “live”, ample activities on both sides, creative opportunity for adaptation, even visits on site… – as well as taking their solutions to greater scale

Add-Ons for Education Programs & Curricula

adding heroIne role models, solutions and action guides to amplify student inspiration, involvement and activities, as well as opportunity beyond the program

Teaching Tools

equipping teachers, students and citizens for making solution stories and role models part of learning culture

Get YL Stories into Textbooks

adding value to their units on global issues and foreign language learning – “The most energized lesson ever” – for optimal motivation on audio-visual understanding, presentations, conversations, translation, transcription, subtitling…

Seed Media in Focus Regions

getting into schools, reaching 1,000s of youth, and also boosting the reach and impact of our heroIne friends, and student clubs like at Beijing Royal School

Train 100's of Online Volunteer Writers

in research, writing, editing, translating and spreading Positive News stories

Positive News Online & Print Magazine

online, as pdf, in print (for cafes, homes…) and even as XL-sized Wall Display(!) in schools, reaching all students daily, serving student clubs as space and learning environment to inspire and involve their community

Get YL Stories into Media

adding value, purpose and meaning to their coverage of global issues, supporting mental health, and cultivating an active citizenry

Promote HeroIne Role Models

to parents, education, media, civil society organizations – by explaining their key role for human behavior, transformational learning processes, as well as providing the world’s finest role models, programs for unfolding one’s own inner heroIne and evolve into a heroIne role model to others

Re-Animate Virtues, Culture & The Sacred

as our essential resource for creating a good world and upgrading ourselves as co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization.

Combine Gaming & World Change

through badges, levels, credits and honors in Change Generation Rising, backed by worldclass knowledge on positive aspects of gaming and how to boost them

Advance Positive Change Media Culture

uplifting and empowering with solutions, heroIne role models, instant action opportunity and involving their audiences, serving their purpose as macro communication tool of our societies


on youth leadership, positive news culture and more

Improve the Image of Youth

as innocent, fresh, free, as the brightest, most empathic, caring, and best educated generation in history, setting records in volunteering, and changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at unprecedented scale, at already 12,000 schools

Change Worldview on Girls and Women

by showing female changemakers with courage, impact and vision far beyond even the greatest male changemakers. Yes, surprise.

New Learning Culture, Powered by Students

with respect for Our New Highly Gifted (empathic changemaker youth) as “assistant teachers”, making their contributions or YL Stories part of every subject once or twice per semester.


to run everything you see in YL … from website and graphic design, to media, speakers and educational programs, volunteer team management and strategic partnerships.

Liberate me until YL's Sales Engine kicks off

2017 is our start-up year of publishing and promoting our vast range of media, programs and services, via our featured heroInes’ social media streams, volunteers and friends like you. There’s no doubt that YL will soon be self-sustainable. Until then, I need the help of those who see the unique value in my publications and work for YL.

Recurring Donations are great and calming, as I will know that my essentials are secure for the time ahead. I will inform you when YL’s financial engines have kicked off, and will return your generous support with beautiful gifts!

Thank you very much.


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More Ways To Help

Bigger Donations

Sure thing. Also investment in the “Daughters of the Sun” book Crowdfunder helps, or booking skype sessions (scroll down this page).

In-Kind Support

Temporary homes to complete writing my books, somewhere in Europe. Room & Board in a hotel, holiday lodge, your 2nd apartment, a CAMPERVAN! for some months … organic food baskets, travel coupons on public transports, buslines, railways, airlines… Good energy boosting treats of clothing, good running shoes, massage, sauna, – brief holiday trip with my son? Love it! … Then, of course YL stuff like printing books, cardgames, shirts!


Communication Boosts

for my work with YL, on youth leadership, on YL, … interviews with me, our heroInes’ stories, … on your company and NGO newsletter, your social media, at conferences, events, in newspapers, lifestyle magazines (families, green, youth, faith, development…) …


for proper communication, whatsapp… 150€ or used

Video Editing Laptop

1500€ or used

Laminating Machine

for laminating Poster Sets for the Pop-Up Exhibits, A3 double page size, speed 80+ per minute … 200€ or used


Adobe InDesign Editing Software

250€ for one year, or used Adobe InDesign CS5 software (new 900€)

Speech-to-Text Software

for quicker production… 200€ or used

Laser Printer

for the YL Office and Store … 250€ or used



the epic fitness-centre-in-one tool, black version, 80€

Temporary Home Bases

across Europe, of 2-12 weeks, with solid internet (local or via webtrotter), urban or rural or holiday homes, for writing my books, online communications, scouting the region for networking, presentations, partnerships…

Car or Mobile Home

also for part of the year, used or new

Produce Interviews, Articles, Films ...

with me, also involving our HeroInes

Invite me to a Hollywood Party

or similar – to get the community involved in YL and CG Rising. Exciting!

Thank you for helping me bring this into the world.

Unveiled : How I can operate with (just) 1,500 / month

This is a good question, and we have to clarify it so people trust that their investment is put to good, efficient use.

It’s not my favorite, but for a while I can function at this amount, until financial engines kick off and I can work with more comfort and flexibility.

Many middle class earners in project development positions as myself have incomes of $/€ 4-10,000 per month, and arrange their living situations according to family, buzy city life and the need for regeneration… a calm quality office, spacious home, comfortable kitchen, eating out for lunch, week-end treats, holiday escapes… then there’s insurances, second cars, sports equipment, Christmas gifts etc.

Visionary social entrepreneurs – that’s known – are not paid by society, and still have learned to live with their 12-16h/day schedules, fueled by their passion, side jobs not being an option; that’s why Ashoka, Skoll etc invest stipends of up to $12,000 per month, for their level of qualification, office, travel needs etc.

That’s my situation. 

I can work on far less and be PRODUCTIVE – just like Matt Mullenweg who leads the billion dollar global ‘wordpress’ enterprise without office or email. My ROLE is to coordinate, communicate, train a global network of partners and ONLINE volunteers (I’ve had 11,000 OVs, winning two United Nations Online Volunteer Awards over the past decade). This works.


I have learned to live light during my travel years in Australia and North America. My family phase is completed (my fabulous son has his high school degree), and I am set to serve the planet with the unique services I have to offer to empower our young generation and their adult allies. My good health comes “free”, fueled by daily meditation, yoga etc. Basic rent and mobility are the biggest factors to spread youth leadership to schools, events, regions…

So – a laptop, mat, good company and fresh food is all I need to live at full pace for people and planet. Sure, free stays in your mountain lodges, Paris and Rome apartments, a mobile home or truck, airmilies – are welcome and wanted in-kind support for me and other YL members to stay fresh and move around. But my basics are covered with $/€1,500.

My impact and productivity are guaranteed. I have been committing 100% full-time on spreading youth leadership since 2002, and there is no reason to change this. I have experienced work in settings from city to campgrounds. I know myself, and what works and what doesn’t.

Pretty soon, I’ll be able to cover my costs from book sales, workshops etc. – so that I can make YOUTH-LEADER the free GIFT to the WORLD that I WISH it to BE. You can tell from the superb media, products and services that It is going to work – once we get through the “start-up phase” of 2017.

For now, I need some investment in me from THE PEOPLE, rewarded with great news and surprise perks.

THANK YOU for liberating my time and helping me do this SERVICE FOR PEOPLE & PLANET.