For Learners of English

We best learn languages when we are inspired by the topic, and want to understand what’s going on.

These are obviously the most inspirational stories, videos and music imaginable – especially for formal learning / teaching at school.

Fit for any age group, from beginners’ reading and presentations to viewing videos for audiovisual comprehension, to doing translations, subtitling, narration and theatre performances – published on our global platform!

The most inspirational videos I have ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too!

The poster exhibit has been the best activity at our school fest. All students and teachers agree.

I just used the poster stories in my English class. It has been the most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say. They want to know how they can get involved.

These are the best role models. I need this for all my classes. This should be at all schools.

These stories are ACE! Wildly inspirational, the videos rock, the protagonists are real, are teens, the “plot” is real and BY teens and super relevant.

The media and content also facilitate and call for interesting interactive and creative activities – from spoken word, performance to comic design, translation and video narration. It is hard to create such exciting activities at school, with these it becomes evident, fluent and fun.

Further, creations and activities have relevance : they inspire others, create impact, are document on social, local and our future educational media. They may even be used by heroInes!

All of this fires up Intrinsic Motivation. You should definitely enjoy this!

Recommended from age 6

The Cardgame - 48 stories

A versatile “book”

  • fun wow effect
  • sturdy
  • handy
  • pocket companion
  • perfect for classroom


  • 48 heroines
  • short stories
  • qr codes to online profiles and videos

distribute all, work in pairs, each learn gets a card

  • studies his / her heroIne
  • explains his hero/ine to the other

or enhance:

  • research qr video
  • prepare presentation to the group

use subtitles, or do not

  • none available? listen and create a transcript
  • create subtitles
  • create a voice-over in your language

distribute by topic

  • for example for UNITED NATIONS Days
  • for students to research in class or as homework
  • and give a presentation
  • and create mini exhibits

combine with

  • posters
  • videos
  • music

also kids get inspired

  • to play in recess, learn playfully
  • to use smartphones meaningfully
  • to get media for at home
  • to explore more about the heroInes
  • to get involved
  • to found a student club
  • to found a warrior clan


The Story Collection

Obviously, sometimes, you simply want a classic book format

  • in class
  • in the library
  • in student club room
  • in kindergartens

for formal and informal use

Pacha Novel & Musical

  • Team up Students
  • each present a 1-4 page chapter to the group
  • “theatre style”, taking roles of protagonists


  • use the music
  • use the musical
  • play scenes


  • dream up more eco-social causes
  • for Pacha to learn about from animals
  • and to take on in waking life
  • tell the story in text
  • as theatre scene
  • create comics
  • turn it into a video clip
  • with text and narrator

Share your creations with US, social and local media, the local community, elderly homes, kindergartens, street theatre, walk-acts at events and conferences, other schools >> inspiring them to join in

Walk the Hero's Trail

is themed for Family Activities,

  • at home
  • in the garden
  • in nature
  • at school
  • in public

but you can do ALL OF IT

  • with students
  • as teams
  • involving teachers and parents for adult roles
  • older students taking “adult roles”
  • or adapting for “kids only”


  • reaching into homes
  • using your massive numbers!
  • for greater resources, skills, impact

with – of course – vivid documentation

  • as part of the adventure
  • creating dynamic images
  • uplifting videos, stories, testimonials
  • making headlines

and thereby sparking

  • public support
  • activities
  • demand by kindergartens, schools and organizations
  • for sharing your experience wisdom, skills gained

Recommended for age 12

The Poster Set

Once again 48 stories

  • like worksheets
  • handout as homework
  • for research
  • for giving presentations
  • creating an exhibit!

Create an Exhibit

  • for school fests, youth action days, project weeks, theme weeks
  • add videos
  • add music
  • add interactions
  • add fundraisers
  • add skype meeting as pinnacle event

Do the same in public space

  • engage people in conversations
  • make interviews
  • add actions, fndraisers, petitions
  • take on local causes
  • invite local stakeholders
  • create good photos
  • get on the news

The Presentation Pack

explores the stories, posters, causes, action guides in a more structured manner, timed for 2-4 hours. It can be done using english materials, especially when using a homework for hero research and preparation of presentations. This makes experts on each heroIne to respond to questions etc. There is more interaction that you can find out about in the detail description.

The Workshop Pack

is a follow-up to the Presentation. Now things get serious, students really follow the path of heroInes’ success stories, recreate other heroInes’ Roadmaps and then design their own on causes they are passionate about … which can be a boosting and localization of a heroIne’s initiative or a new one. There’s more to view in the detailed description.

There’s a whole lot more, but these are fantastic starters keeping you busy.