Dear Friends, I have a Dream.

I wish this global young generation to be empowered to create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. 


For two decades, I have committed my life to making it possible. I am pouring all my knowledge and networks into these groundbreaking media and the education and action programs behind them.

Do you share my Dream?

The youth are excited, grand changemakers call it a game changer for humanity, and people across generations and cultures agree :


We can do so. If you join in.

People Love These Media!

All we need to do is tell them that they exist. 

It is surprisingly simple!

Spread the Spirit

Reach 10 People

  1. friends
  2. family
  3. colleagues

100 People

  1. via social media
  2. in facebook groups
  3. at your workplace
  4. in a cafe
  5. in a waiting room

1000 People

  1. with a $5 facebook ad
  2. school presentation
  3. via your company newsletter
  4. via your NGO newsletter

10,000 People

  1. with a $10 facebook ad
  2. with a news article or interview
  3. with an ad in your medium

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Useful Tools for Sharing with Friends

Links and Images

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  2. The facebook shop
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Catalogue PDF

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Link to the Online Catalogue

Catalogue 1 pager

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Thank you for your help!