Help Us In-Kind

“Your approach to making the world a better place for everyone is so positive and excellent. You deserve much appreciation and all kinds of support from all good people – especially financial support!”

„Stop acting so small… You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.“ Rumi

There is so much that we can do together to boost youth leadership, our heroInes and our programs, also in unexpected ways, by tapping into your personal and professional resources and networks. Here are a few examples.

Donate Smartphone(s)

For Eric, team, field partners, value $120+ or used

Donate Laminating Machine

for laminating many YL Poster Sets for Youth Leadership Pop-Up Exhibits – used by our staff, volunteers, field partners, ordered schools, public libraries …

Donate Laptops

For team, field partners, value $500+ or used; one for video editing $1500 or used


Donate Software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Premiere

Charity Sales

Advertize / Give a %age of your sales, bookings to YL for CG Rising, HeroInes, Seeding Media in a Region, Your City, Schools …

Donate Your Newsletter

for seeding our free Digital Booklets, stories, crowdfunder calls, tools for parents, families, youth to your members, employees, followers, fans

Donate Adspace

in your media for YL stories, ads, crowdfunders…

Donate Airmiles

For Eric, YL Staff, Field Partners

Donate Yoga, Massage, Wellness Treats

for our staff, heroInes, field partners, also as prize

Donate Retreat Participation

for our staff, heroInes, field partners, also as prize

Donate a Projector

for our Indian Field Partners as “mobile village cinema”

Donate Laser Printer

For the YL office and store, value $250+ or used

Donate Prizes

for YL Youth Teams, HeroInes, Volunteers – anything cool : games, cinema tickets, retreats, hotel stays, holidays, fights, canoeing trips, parasailing, canyoning, organic food baskets, shopping vouchers, books, music albums …

Produce Interviews, Articles, Films ...

with Eric and our HeroInes

Invite us to a Hollywood Party

or similar – to get the community involved in YL and CG Rising. Exciting!

Print Card Games

Our cardgame is a most popular item but affordable printing is a challenge. Help us print a large stock to be able to serve at low price. $2,000

Print & Distribute Booklets

Printers and businesses with own printers : Help us print our booklets, posters and teaching tools to have a stock to sell at low cost.

Translate & Edit Our Media

We serve 20 languages – arabic, bangla, brazilian, chinese, english, filipino, french, german, hebrew, hindi, indonesian, italian, japanese, korean, portuguese, russian, spanish, turkish, urdu, vietnamese – that we need editors for. Would you like to add your language? Hungarian? Greek? It takes 1-4 weeks. Welcome!!

Free Holiday Destination

Your or a friend’s mountain or seaside cabin, your eco-cultural tour, hotel chain…


We seek friendly hosts for our changemaker community in major cities, when they pass by for conferences, workshops etc. No big deal, just a nice, friendly, central, free place to stay. With internet.

Adopt Your City

Seed our media to schools, promote to media, organizations etc as a YL Messenger

Invite Us for Kickstarting Youth Leadership

Co-host us and help us connect with your city’s schools through presentations, workshops, partnerships…

Hotel Chains

give us free stays, short- and long-term when activating a region, as part of our Changemakers In Residence program

Changemakers In Residence Program

Long-term stays of up to 4+/- weeks for activating a region, or retreating for writing a book, organizing a workshop or other

Airlines & Train Companies

Free seats, as well as presence in your media, involving your customers

Your Waiting Room

is a perfect spot for our media

Your Store

is a perfect spot for our media

Your Company Newsletter

Add our booklet and programs to uplift clients, staff and employees – they are all caring adults, parents, can reach into schools and more

Your Ads, Brochures & Catalogues

can add our stories, interviews, freebies, competitions, fundraisers, …

Your Newspaper, TV & Radio Program

should run a weekly column on young heroine powered solutions, involving your audience and air their achievements too

Your Yacht & Cruise Ship

can host changemakers for a week’s workshop on board.

Organic Food Baskets

Proper food, delights, high spirit, upliftment, detox, vegan…

YL Summer Camp

Participation in awesome camp, also YL Camps

Free Treats & Retreats

Wellness, sauna, massage, Qi Gong, Yoga, Acro Yoga, … annual pass, week-end retreats, travel…

Free Holiday Destination

Your or a friend’s mountain or seaside cabin, your eco-cultural tour, hotel chain…

School Partnership

Introduce YL, heroInes causes, $1 / student, fundraiser, campaign, field partnership with projects on both sides, local chapter, even visits, documentation, scaling impact … using our YL resources

Group Partnership

Same as school partnership tuned to your workplace or other, using their story, video, exhibit… tools for long-term presence … your ideas!

Fundraiser Campaign at Your Space

Fundraising with our poster exhibits, life-sized heroIne posters in your business, grocery store chain, cafe …

Free Articles, Interviews and Adspace

In your online and print media, company newsletters, flight and train magazines…

Free Transportation

Airmiles, public transport pass, free trips on your airline and trainline

Free IT & Support

Laptops, projectors, smartphones, … premium web design and support

Free Workshop Space

for trainings, workshops and gatherings

Free Tickets

to whatever really cool you got, for our members, crew and friends

Nominate & Grant Awards & Prizes

Nominate our youth and us for precious awards we don’t know of

Visit as Volunteer

making yourself highly useful

Visit as Celebrity

creating media presence, mobilizing public support

Your Ideas

Let us know!

Are you inspired with ideas? Let’s talk, plan and move things together. Contact Us.