Hiya, this book is born from the wish to see youth leadership thrive around the globe.

An occasional online clip or brief article cannot unlock a newbie’s inborn yet sleeping changemaker skills. To best cutivate a hero*ine’s inner achemy, hero role models shall be present daily, in rich form, from early age, before cynicism, insecurities, doubts, denial and distractions appear. Digital media have their qualities, that’s why this book is meshed with music and videos. But by itself, the internet is only experienced briefly, flat, alone by oneself, followed by ads, comedy, bad news – and forgotten. #Fail

A story on paper is experienced entirely different. That tangible book has weight. It grounds you. You observe, analyze and digest it via your hands like the wood and stone tools you crafted millenia ago. Yep. Plus, tangible books accompany us from childhood through our teenage years – like a beacon, a companion to re-discover and level up with as a hero*ine. This is what this book does.

Books permit us to dive in, immerse ourself, lose ourself in time, travel in our mind, expand our consciousness … way different from screens.

Also, we can make this experience alone or together, we can have spontaneous conversations with parents and peers, spin off with ideas and make them real. This happens less with shiny, hectic digital media. #EpicWin

Now imagine yourself plunging for hours into this book – as a kid at bedtime, couchtime … dreaming of grand deeds, admiring grand hero*ines … their youthful smile engraved in your heart, their words written across your visionary skies, the power in their voice cuddling you like Harry’s Patronus … YOUTH WE CAN … the solutions for everything exist, an they are powered by ordinary people … engaging in first activities, connecting with them in real-time via internet, growing up with them… as a teen, time and again noticing that your time has come to unlock and live ever greater adventures … like these.

Charity Champs...

You’ll meet several. One makes a monthly average of $15,000 since age 9, tp support orphans in India. Another’s curriculum now makes FUNdraising part of life at school. These sisters have raised 350,000 books for native communities. You may know such stories, but have you seen their own footage and witnessed touching moments of their journey? The linked videos, interviews and articles give you the unique opportunity to do so – with your kid. Will you join in and raise 1 book per student at your school?

This boy

founded a school at age 9. How did it begin and where is he today? Will you get involved? You will be surprised in how many ways kids are teaching peers today! Imagine teens around you making the experience … the confidence and life skills, the bonding across social strata and generations …

Social Entrepreneurs

180,000 dollars worth of biofuel for poor families, generated from recycled restaurant grease. 4,000 volunteers at age 16. A ten-fold rise of free, fresh food for the homeless and elderly. Co-writing state laws. It’s what early teens do.


why complain about them? Instead, use them to create a world of awesome! If 7 year old Coral can make a show unveiling ugly, unhealthy ingredients in popular foods … what can school classes come up with? How can you use radio to make peace? How can you inspire people to discover and restore natural and cultural heritage? How about you find out from kids?


This generation has its sound, and there are hours of music to inspire, awaken, dazzle and call on you to learn these songs, embody and express this energy to activate your local youth! By the way, send in your performance and we’ll publish it.


have been her passion since childhood and she’s been all around the Earth now. Others restore rivers, run their own curriculum teaching hundreds of students at several schools. Love bees? Change laws, kickstart campaigns like Liz has. Can you imagine boys cleaning up city soils, wearing gas masks unlocking millions for more? They do that.

Before ...

Hongkong’s major stores took ivory off the shelves, before the government began burning confiscated ivory, before celebrities spoke out, before China declared a moratorium on import and closed carving factories someone broke the media silence with a demo that “escalated” the situation and generated 1,000s of signatures. The global public is unaware of this chronology of events. I saw it happen. You’ll see the school presentation that set it all off.

They do what needs doing

and what adult organizations don’t dare doing … on palm oil, GMOs, glyphosate … going vegan, stopping fracking, cancelling dirty factories. Water? This girl has made it a human right, public and banned bottled water in 30 towns and cities, and teaches your kid how to evoke the same.

This boy, age 12

came across the pic of a boy in bonded labour, shot dead at age 12. When adults told him that freeing these children was hopeless, impossible, he did not listen. Instead, he mobilized his classmates. Today he has action teams at 16,000 schools, involving 300K teens and 30K teachers, uniting them at huge events with people you know. Check out this classic clip from 2010. Hey, you see : humanity’s dream of the Change Generation is already manifesting. If you join in, we can achieve faster. Here’s your manual 101.

+ Special Sections

on essentials for getting started and being ultra successful

Youth Leadership 101

Essentials like

  • student clubs
  • FUNdraising
  • music
  • speakers
  • summer camps

sounds simple, Hermione, but until you wield this master magic, you haven’t tasted your true powers. Do you understand, Ron?

The Role of Adults

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Citizens
  • Professionals

Together, we #ReDefineAdult 

Hero*ines Age 18+

We give you a few appetizers of what happens when teens turn twens, and what awesome magic wands today’s Gandhis and Einsteins have forged – for young people to wield. Epic!

Appendix - time to join the Party WITH ACTION!

The Author

You know that it really matters who writes a book on economy, governance, human nature, gender, education … OR badass youth leadership *that changes everything*. 

You’ll get an idea of what drives this guy, and a neat Q&A addressing some of your smart and burning questions, such as “wow … have you met them all?” and “what do these kids say about school?”


… of those knowing, feeling and living the beauty of this magnificent planet. That which we love, protect and restore. Something we can unfold in ourselves more and more and more once again. Yea, BEYOND WORDS, but here are beings that quide us into the sacred Queendom. And it comes with music, too.

"How Can I Help?"

is a splendid question that deserves loads of options for instant action – at home, school, the workplace, in media and public! Not a disappointing “sign a pledge” or “linklist”, but simple and complex high impact actions, local and abroad, short- and long-term, meshed with the hero*ines’ and custom-built initiatives that the book is part of. Fresh & exciting. Yay!

"I want to get involved!"

Right on. Support hero*ines, feel your impact and agency, activate your city, bring in own ideas, see success unfold, live changemaking as your sport – we’ve got you covered, equipped and backed by an ever-growing, like-hearted global tribe! First read the book, feel the spirit … and every sentence in this section will flash up with practical vision what steps to take, where, with whom – in your locality.

Level Up!

We culminate with a mix of guided tutorial and crash course to experience all the essentials of Youth Leadership, wielding a “best of” mix of solutions, tools and tactics harvested from the book’s hero*ines, today’s Gryffindores. Right there where you live, right now. You can do it, you’ll forever remember, you can change lives, earn a YOUTH-LEADER Badge (!) and qualify for entry to the Change Generation Rising leadership program. Welcome to your Life of Awesome!

From Inspiration to Action without limits

is what makes this book unique. Like really unique on Earth.

Only High Impact Hero*ines

with tangible solutions – joinable and replicable by teens everywhere. Stuff that you’ll remember all your life, ready to use when the right time comes.

Support Galore

to learn more, to inspire family, friends, peers, school classes and adult allies, to team up with hero*ines, gain media presence, support and coaching for one’s own ideas and initiatives.

Like poster exhibits, books have long-term presence. To a reader that spent hours reading it, this book, on a bed table or shelf, forever radiates the combined experienced energies and the new dream that we share for humanity, and that the hero*ines embody. It’s a veritable artefact.

Using your digital devices, you can check in online, discover more, what’s current, connect with me, hero*ines, fellow inspired readers, and join the global tribe.

 So … for the future ahead, only one thing is certain :

The spirit-, mind- and skillset  of these teenage hero*ines is the greatest blessing that you can nurture in a child, your child, your students, the children in your district (your future adult neighbours) … and it is the game changer to ascend to the next level collaborative society civilization. This means – the path for us conscious, good people is to push Youth Leadership as #1 worldly, societal priority, with full force. And that is what I call you to do. I make it FUN.

For the turbulent times ahead, I am not afraid. Because spirit and community guarantee us well-being. Let’s go!

“To you ringbearer, I give the light of our beloved star Earendil. May it be a light for you, in dark places, when all other lights go out.”


to Frodo, Lord Of The Rings