is in these stories?

and behind them?

The Author

of these works is yours truly, Eric Nicolas Schneider.

Born to franco-german parents in Germany, Eric has a background in travelling, teaching, sports, arts, DJ, gaming, fantasy role playing, a year of travelling in Australia, another in North America as final student of a heartcore hardboiled traditional Native American warrior scholar, and two decades of surfing the tidal wave of change with grand changemakers around the planet.

Working at the intersection of positive news, youth leadership, education, learning, culture, spirituality and sustainability sciences, Eric has gained vast precious knowledge, insights and skills. He is pouring all of it into these publications and programs.

Recognition for his work includes the Images & Voices of Hope IVOH AWARD, also known as the Nobel Prize for Media for a Better World, earlier laureates including the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the director of TED. Eric’s favorites are the feedback by inspired people across cultures, the Hi5s by teen heroines, their awesome parents, the thank you’s from twen heroInes, the hats off from badass experts, the family hugs by mages, and the ongoing support by the King and Queen of Life.


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More about Eric

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Since summer 2000, as director of positive news media, Eric has been spending his life in the company of grand changemakers, today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, many of them in their teens.

The knowledge of thousands of powerful solutions for practically everything has given birth to the vision that has been driving him ever since : “THE SOLUTIONS FOR A WORLD OF PEACE, JOY AND ABUNDANCE FOR ALL EXIST. and they are powered by ordinary people. This means that we can implement them everywhere. People are aware that the status quo sucks, but they don’t know how to do it better. Once they learn about proven solutions, they take and implement them. All we need to do is inspire, inform, equip and support them.”

Simple. So, merry Eric commits his life to creating the link between our era’s grand visionary changemakers and humanity. Since adults are buzy with confusions inherited from earlier messed up societies, he takes the shortcut to the entire young generation, assembled in their common daily hangout – schools – waiting for cool things to happen. Like hero stuff.

Eric has long recognized Youth Leadership as the arch jewel of changemaking and stepping stone to a sustainable civilization, and made it the heartstone of his work, with special focus on reaching, equipping and empowering YOUTH AT SCHOOL to make changemaking part of learning culture, thereby reaching, involving, training and shaping their entire generation _ every day _ over their 10 forming years. Piece of pie, when coming from 2 decades of studying best practices, untapped potentials, glorious win wins, and enormous youth superpowers… that are obvious, simple, common sense.

ADULT ALLIES – caring citizens, parents, teachers, journalists, public servants, organizations – play a major role – as users, volunteers and partners – while benefitting for their own personal and professional aspirations. Super Bingo!

Over 10 years of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD 2005-2014, UNESCO, Eric has attracted more than 11,000 applications via the UNITED NATONS Online Volunteering UNOV program, a decent 10% of their entire global members (!) to YOUTH-LEADER – as writers, editors and translators to 17 languages, led two teams to win the prestigious UNOV Award, scored Pacemaker Status with Ashoka’s re:imagine learning Challenge, 4 x status with UNESCO as Official Project of the Decade of ESD, membership at the National Round Table for the Decade’s implementation in Germany, and made Youth Leadership a Year 2012 UNESCO focus priority.

With team and partners from 70 countries on all 7 continents, he has tested all YL prototypes and tools in various settings with great success. He has participated and presented at events around the planet, from IDEC and Social Business Summit to COP and the G8.

Eric unites everything and everybody he knows under the banner of YOUTH LEADER’s for integration in print and online media, magazine, vlog, apps, speakers,  consulting, community, volunteer crews and summer camps.

The action component and flagship program is CHANGE GENERATION RISING – an epic mix of education and leadership program, changemaking community and adventure reality game. CG RISING connects youth age 8-18 and adult allies with today’s great changemakers for year-round world-changing action, aligned with UNITED NATIONS Days for greater impact. It’s an absolutely groundbreaking youth leadership program with stellar features. The alpha season is open.

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The Youth

are extraordinary high impact changemakers, that involve, impact and inspire millions, change lives, laws and industries, and achieve what adults have failed to solve for decades. They rock stages at schools, the UN, talkshows and festivals. This is unlike anything we have seen in history, or that most people in the world can yet even imagine.

They are recognized as role models by media, teachers and citizens across generations and cultures. Our core line-up of 50 youth shares more than 300 awards between them.

Our Benchmark of Selection

Outstanding Changemakers

  • high impact model solution
  • powerfully implemented
  • replicable by youth everywhere
  • well visually documented online
  • available by email or skype

You do not find this benchmark elsewhere.

This mix of factors

  • inspires
  • informs
  • empowers
  • equips
  • supports

readers to become users

This is how grand solutions get taken GLOBAL, by caring, ordinary people

This is what the world needs.

We support them by spreading their stories, co-creating media and initiatives, co-organizing events, facilitatng partnerships with schools and funders, promoting them as speakers, and supporting selected initiatives with the finance generated by media sales and donations.





Read their stories

The Adults

Truly grand changemakers. These examples speak for itself.

Really grand stuff.

These media connect young readers with the Gandhis and Einsteins of today for “live” collaboration. That’s a novelty in history. Imagine the potential of the global young generation getting involved. That’s what this is about.

“Your kind of thinking is very rare” – Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer