are Hero Role Model Stories so important?


are these books etc special?

Despite of 40 years of green information, appeals and “I have a dream” speeches …

deforestation, landgrabbing, racism, harassment, violence, child abuse, bullying, etc are escalating. Now, some old vampires even want to live out their Cold War era dreams. Industries keep lying and twisting laws, consumers feed on poisons, feel ultra cool, glued to shimmering screens they trash next season.

“We could clothe, feed and hi5 everybody without expense of people and planet, but humanity is failing its final exam for continuation in the Universe.” Bucky Fuller’s 1980 words remixed

The Reason & Problem is

that all efforts were simply “Information” : facts, mental stuff, words, text on paper.


Human Behavior is shaped by


to 80%

much of it subconsciously.

Yet – where in our daily lives do we experience badass HeroInes !??

Where do we see, feel, experience, run with them to a degree that shapes and upgrades us?
All of our kids at school ?!!

In these final days of the Dark Age of Unsustainability,

we are surrounded by inhabitants of the unsustainable civilization, many of them born into racism, even fascism, even monarchies, even totalitarian religions. 

… living out and transmitting pertaining memes, habits and behavior patterns, even forcing them onto kids – via familes, school, peers and media.

Role Models also function via Media. Our minds takes strong visuals as “real”.

This is why the Paris Hilton epidemic could happen. And many other abominations today.

The Solution is Simple.

What if we make Hero Role Models omni-present in our daily lives at home, school, work, media and public space?

Not just an occasional clip. Daily.


Now get involved. Seed biiig time. Let’s wield these magic wands to the max.


makes these media extra special?

You will see what makes them extra special.

Top Benchmark Role Models

Outstanding Changemakers

  • high impact model solution
  • powerfully implemented
  • replicable by youth everywhere
  • well visually documented online
  • available by email or skype

This mix of factors

  • inspires
  • informs
  • empowers
  • equips
  • supports

readers to become users

This is how grand solution get taken GLOBAL, by caring, ordinary people

This is what the world needs.

In Vivid Media Style

conveying *real life* feeling, making it

  • inspiring
  • comprehensible
  • memorable

by showing

  • the heroIne in action
  • in rich, dynamic visual
  • photos or video

conveying DIY knowledge

  • links to more
  • their websites and social media

conveying authentic spirit

  • not moderated, commented or twisted

With Instant Action Opportunity

to boost the heroIne, initiative, solution

  • share online and onsite
  • forward to potential users
  • donate, contribute etc
  • join, found local chapters
  • copy, adapt and localize the initiative

Only this way are solutions for peace and abundance taken global. This is what the world needs.


The connection between print, and online multimedia, and LIVE social media brings the book alive, shows that these people are huggable heros for REAL COLLABORATION, and “opens doors” for readers to follow their interest, passion, answers, find tools and support, for ultimate satisfaction.

For Various User Groups

  • kids
  • youth
  • homes
  • libraries
  • school
  • exhibits
  • various professional : teachers, journalists
  • and parents

helping each LIVE THEIR DREAMS, also in their PROFESSIONS

We Support HeroInes!


  • spread their story
  • create additional interviews etc
  • add action guides how to join, copy, scale, evolve their solution


  • ask them : how one can help you?
  • give 30% of profits to them
  • promote them to schools
  • globally, in many languages


  • promote them as speakers
  • to schools and events
  • help them with websites etc

We guide readers

  • to their sites
  • connect to their social media
  • to join, support and replicate their solutions

with the aim of empowering their entire generation and healing the whole world.

THIS IS THEIR DREAM. This is how we can truly give back to them.

And we enable you to do the same.

We Empower Readers

to turn into users in many ways

  • as youth
  • as students
  • as parents
  • as teachers
  • as journalists
  • as organizations

and evoke quick, relevant changes

  • supporting heroines
  • responding to local needs
  • boosting their own initiatives

and take it to big scale

  • cultivating a changemaking climate
  • making youth leadership omni-present
  • with huge impact

thereby helping them to LIVE THEIR DREAM

With a Global Community


  • changemakers
  • experts
  • citizen volunteers

in year-round action

  • with tools, tricks, tactics and support
  • aligned with UN Days for greater impact

With an Epic Leadership Program


  • learning programs
  • leadership training
  • badges, credits, levels
  • a richly illustrated CV

of real world value

This wide range of contents, doors and opportunities is NEW & UNIQUE.

People do not expect it.

Once people become aware, they can make the most of it. 

I hope that people recognize the fantastic potential, and use them to the max, to achieve the great dream that we all have in common.